In detail

Discover the details of our modular programme and get to know the team. At Le Rosey Camps we are committed to ensure the excellence of our teaching and the care we provide for you. Counsellors and teachers are selected for their skills, maturity, sense of authority and ethical behaviour and they will live this wonderful camp experience by your side.


The 2017 Team


Véronique Andrin

Camp Director

Originally from Switzerland, Véronique Andrin will be in charge of the general organisation of the Winter Camps. With a Le Rosey education, a passion for teaching, an important theatrical formation, numerous years of experience at the Rosey Camps and an innate feeling for human interaction, she is always ready to listen to you. Calm and affectionate, you can talk to her about anything.

Full of ideas dynamism, she is never short of ideas and resources. Ms Andrin and her team will share with you over the course of two weeks all of the excursions, trips, activities and experiences that will make you discover Switzerland and discover what you’re capable of.


Didier Zammattio

Assistant Director, Chef de maison & Coach

He is a true global citizen. The world is his home, the waves his favourite means of transport, languages are his luggage and people are his passion. Mr D is a passionate traveller, a polyglot and at ease in every context – he is an exemplary representation of the Rosey spirit.


After numerous years working with other adolescents, and especially during the Rosey Camps, he has demonstrated his qualities as a mediator. He is remarkable at conflict-resolution, at facilitating communication and at understanding your needs and desires while matching them to objective and substantial goals.


Concha Rossler

Coach, sports & yoga teacher

After a German childhood and an early passion for oceans and nature, Concha studied “Outdoor Adventure Management” and “Outdoor Education”, as well as receiving a Bachelor’s degree (Honours) in “Sports Coaching and Performance”. With a profound interest in a healthy life, sports therapy and injury prevention, she is also trained in yoga and massage.


Concha will accompany you on excursions, helping you to tap into your potential and to push your limits at your own rhythm.


Lauren Moore

Coach & art teacher

Originally from the UK, Lauren holds a Masters degree from the well-known London College of Fashion and has presented her own brand of leather fashion accessories at London fashion week, in addition to having sold some of her work to Calvin Klein. She is a sophisticated and experienced artist who is eager to share her knowledge and who is dedicated to create an invigorating learning environment.


Her loveable and patient nature are only comparable to her vast range of technical skills. With her help you will be able to tap into your creativity, even if you think you have none. Her motto is that anyone can create anything if they put their mind to it.


Jorge Fernandez Rodriguez

Coach & sports teacher

The first thing you will notice meeting Jorge is his big shiny smile, full of the warmth of the sun of his native Andalusia. His passion for all kind of board-riding sports, whether on snow, sand, road or water, make him an encouraging and attentive coach.

He is enthusiastic about pretty much everything, very patient, responsible and easy to communicate with.

Always open to new challenges and experiences, Jorge will be alongside you during all the sports and excursions.


Laura Oijevaar

Coach & Nurse

Laura is a pediatric nurse from Holland with years of experience with kids of all ages, from newborn babies to young adults, in hospitals as well as in private clinics and during Le Rosey Summer Camps.


In her professional career, Laura has helped young adults with behaviour problems and addiction with a specific focus on prevention. Warm and friendly, she started working in different kind of camps as a teenager. Always conscientious and affectionate, she takes her time to listen and to find the right remedy for everyone, whether itʼs a simple cold or homesickness.


Thierry Colomb

Self defence & life style teacher

Thierry could be described in a single word: catalyst. He is an activator, accelerator and a trigger. His intuitive approach brings a novel perspective to every-day situations and helps to identify unusual challenges. His empathetic ability to think outside a given framework is needed to carry out an effective training programme for personal development and to get you in touch with your inner combative skills.


With a Rosey education, experience in public relations, marketing, theatre & drama, human resources and his training as a certified instructor he will help you achieve positive results in his own unique way.


Gwladys Palmiste

Musical improvisation teacher

A professional singer for over 15 years, Gwladys has taught at Le Rosey for the last decade. Born with musical sensitivity from her French West Indian origins, she is always happy sharing her time between teaching singing at Le Rosey and performing with different bands, especially playing Disco, Funk and Soul from the 70’s and 80’s.


Her performing experience will help you lose the nerves so that you can stand in front of an audience with confidence, express yourself easily and use your body language to communicate effectively and with coincidence.


François Weber

Dance teacher

Full of energy and passion, François has always used dance as a means of expression: break-dance, jazz, reggae, capoeira and hip-hop are the languages that he shares passionately with the students at his dance studio.


From a multicultural background, respect and tolerance are an essential part of his teaching. With rhythm and with an impeccable technique, he will be able to motivate you and teach you to feel the music resonate in you.