The Campus

Enjoy the beauty and safety of Switzerland. Discover its national heritage and its traditional multiculturalism at the heart of the Suisse Romande area on the shores of Lake Geneva. Our beautiful 30-hectare campus is conveniently located 30 minutes from Geneva airport and 30km from Lausanne. Ski stations, such as St Cergue are 45 minutes away, Megève and Gstaad 90 minutes.

The Paul & Henri Carnal Hall

This futuristic building is where you will practise yoga, get together for meals, and give your creativity free rein. You will also get to know your friends better in the chill-out areas and during evening activities. The arts and learning centre is home to:

  • a library
  • individual music practice rooms
  • a cafeteria
  • visual arts classrooms
  • printmaking, pottery and 3D-printing ateliers
  • a blackbox theatre
  • the Rosey Concert Hall, a 900-seat auditorium


During the camp you will share a room with another student, your same age but a different nationality. All bedrooms have two beds and an individual bathroom and shower. Girls and boys are housed on different buildings, but activities, workshops, trips and meals are mixed. Teachers also have their rooms in the same buildings as you.


The campus combines functionality with comfort, offering classrooms and sports facilities within walking distance of the bedrooms.


The sports facilities include:

  • a synthetic football pitch
  • a synthetic rugby pitch
  • tennis and basketball courts
  • an indoor gymnasium
  • an indoor fitness room
  • an indoor pool in with sauna and steam room
  • a martial-arts dojo
  • a dance room
  • the school’s own equestrian stables a short ride from the main campus